3 British Shows Everyone Should Watch

The British certainly love making top quality shows that move us, tickle our funny bone and make us think. One of the best things in life is to take a stay-cation in a nice hotel, order from the best restaurants in London, and turn the telly on to watch some classic British comedies. It’s one of the few joys in life that can go on forever.

British shows also showcase a lot about British culture in general. They’re all about hospitality, charm and wit. Their dry sense of humour can sometimes be wonderfully balanced with their charm and elegance. Compare “Mr. Bean” to “The Crown”, and you’ll know the spectrum of British brilliance. Their shows are far above anything we see online or on TV. They’re also wonderfully timeless, which means that we can grab some popcorn and watch them decades after they’re discontinued.

Mr. Bean (1990-95)

No one can honestly say that they’ve never seen a Mr. Bean episode. The show has been one of Rowan Atkinson’s finest performance delivered by a stellar supporting cast of “Teddy” and the “Car”. The episodes showcase the true range of British comedic timing, with a live audience that couldn’t help but contain their laughter.

British shows often are cheeky and play on rebelling against power. Mr. Bean was the ultimate rebel often indulging in reckless activities all throughout the show. That doesn’t stop him from showing a softer side to the man. Mr. Bean is a fan favourite and one on everyone’s list of re-watching and binging.

Sherlock (2010 – current)

When fine cinematography meets engaging storylines, we get Sherlock. The series has captured the attention of millions of users around the world and skyrocketed Benedict’s career to new heights. If it hadn’t been for his skinny frame, charming wit, and intelligent observations, the show may have flopped.

It was completely dependent on having a good storyline that evolved over time, and it delivered many times over. Fans love the show because it is real and genuine, and casual watchers tend to form a connection with Sherlock over many years of watching him. The first season is still the best one yet, with fans re-watching the series repeatedly.

The Crown (2016 – current)

The Crown is one of those shows that relies heavily on the set and look of each character. In fact, the level of attention that goes into the castles and costumes is quite impressive. This is even more so true for the lead characters’ appearances on the show.

They’ve captured what it’s like to live in a gorgeous home. Pro-Tip: If you want to experience what it’s like living in that era, then head on over to The LaLiT London. It’s one of the best hotels near the shard, and the interiors look majestic and breath-taking.

Ultimately, the fans have loved the show so much that it has become one of the best shows to watch on Netflix.

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